Fresh Pita Bread

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A friend gave me a box of za' atar, a spice mixture with sumac and sesame seeds, salt (and I am not sure what else..) and so I made some pita breads for it.

The yeasted dough is left to rise, and then divided into small balls,

flattened, and baked on a hot pizza stone (in my case, several cast iron pans) in a 500 degree oven.

The breads puff up quickly, and then flatten and soften as they cool. It is important to put the cooling pitas in a container to soften.

I didn't last time and ended up with an awfully hard batch, which was remedied by storing the cooled breads in a plastic bag with a damp tea towel.

To top the pitas, I strained some radiance dairy yogurt and topped it with some of our new Tunisian olive oil, and za'atar. Simple and delicious!